Are you okay being told “No”?  Most of us aren’t fond of the word, but I would rather be told, “No” than “Yes” when the answer really is no. 

Have you ever had a service tech tell you they can get to your problem when the truth was they didn’t have time for you, and really could not get to you?  You don’t call anyone else…you wait for a call back…and you wait some more…for a call that never comes.

If you own a business, whether it be cutting hair, photography, service tech, boutique or whatever… I CAN NOT stress this enough…. RESPOND to your clients!!!!!!!! It doesn’t have to be immediate, but within the day, RESPOND!  Even if your answer is no, don’t leave customers hanging.  Be honest and offer an alternative.  We all know how frustrating it is when we just need to know if something is a “go” or not. 

I understand sometimes, there are factors involved, maybe it depends on how long other calls will take, etc., but it’s okay to tell clients that up front.  Set realistic expectations.  Your customers will respect your honesty in the long run.