So… usually I am dragging on Monday mornings…but not today! I think I am on a “high” from the weekend. We had so much fun having family in town for a visit. The guys went dove hunting, the women went and made super-cute fall wreaths, and we ate until we couldn’t breathe. Yes, we ate a lot. My brother made jokes about me feeding them every 3 hours. (I can’t help it, I love to cook and feed people). You know what else we did…. we laughed a lot! It is true…laughter is contagious! Every time my brother laughed about something, so did I (even when he was laughing at me).

Last week was an emotional week for me. We lost a baby earlier this year, and that sweet little angel should have been born last week. I had a lot going here at the office, I was sad, I was stressed, and my week was certainly not filled with laughter. Brian, while feeling emotions of the loss as well, held me together. However, my disposition rubbed off on everyone around me. I have always heard “Smile and the world smiles with you, but cry and you cry alone”, but I don’t think that’s completely true.

Have you been around people who make you smile and happy just because they are filled with happiness? What about the opposite? Have you ever fed off people who were sad (or mad)? Do you affect others by your emotions?

This weekend, as I shared laughter and tears with my family, I was reminded of how the people around us affect us and vice versa. Being with family this weekend was just what I needed. My amazing husband, all of our kiddos, my parents, my brother, his girlfriend (who might I add I adore already) and her precious baby shined love and light around me all weekend. I share this to remind each of you, share your light. As business leaders, we often set the tone for the office/store environment. My brother, Chad, is always making everyone laugh and smile. Be more like Chad. Make people smile!