The 2020 CENSUS is just around the corner and it seems to always be such an issue in communities. WHY???? I don’t even know where to begin on this topic. 
First, let me say, I understand people think the government is in everything and people want privacy. 
I. GET. IT. But, please…hear me out! Participation in the Census can be a HUGE asset in a community. I worked in city government for 21 ½ years and have personally seen the Census help a small community. I have also seen the lack of participation and false reporting hurt communities.

Do you know what the Census is used for? I’m advocating because data is used to determine if a community qualifies for state and federal funding. When cities apply for grants such as a Texas Community Development Block Grant to do infrastructure projects (often to pave streets, or expand/repair water and wastewater systems) the state funds based on certain criteria. Certain demographics are favored and the population served has to qualify as 51% low-mod income. Now, this gets to be a problem. No one wants to fill out a form saying they are low income. Pride kicks in and people tend to exaggerate. PLEASE! Do not do this. I have seen streets full of potholes, in desperate need of repairs, have funding be denied because a low income area did not qualify. The information is confidential; answer honestly.

IT IS ONLY TEN QUESTIONS! 10! That’s it. Did you know answering those 10 questions also can help your school district? Schools receive funding based on population and demographics served as well. FILL IT OUT! You can even fill it out online! 
I know we are hit from all angles now days wanting information. I hate surveys. However, I love seeing my communities get funds for improvements. Funds are allocated and if we don’t get them, the next community will. It only takes a few minutes and could help bring funds to Breckenridge and Stephens County!
I could go on and on with examples, but instead, if you have questions…CALL ME! Be informed, and take part in the 2020 Census!