I ran out to the Walker Sayle Unit this morning to meet the new warden. On my way out I was admiring the beautiful lilies along the sidewalk.  I have to admit, I got a little jealous because mine don’t look nearly that good. They were bloomed so full and colorful and they made me smile.

I was still thinking about them as I drove back to the office. I thought, I know why they are prettier than mine… they are cared for more. They are nurtured and watered and shown love.  Mine would be the same if I invest in them more. 

Isn’t this the same as with our employees? If we care for them and invest in them, they too bloom.  If we ignore their needs, or step on them, they wither and are unproductive. Of course, people, like flowers, go through a blooming process. Once a seed of hope is planted, we don’t see results overnight.  It takes both time and patience.  Be patient with employees and give them time to show their beauty.

Not to be a “downer” but, I also think that one ugly plant can take away from the overall appeal of a flower garden.  If someone walks in your business and an employee doesn’t make them smile, it can make your business less appealing.  Remember, having a striving business (just like a beautiful garden) takes work. Help your employees bloom, and watch your business grow!