It’s summer time, and that means lots of folks will be traveling. Is your vehicle road-trip ready? From tires, to that customizing you’ve been wanting, getting those ‘whiskey dents’ repaired, to simply getting all the crumbled goldfish crackers out of the cracks, Breckenridge can get you road ready!

We all want our family safe while on the road, yet often we neglect ensuring that safety. Simple things like replacing windshield wipers can help prevent accidents. They have an enormous impact on performance and safety, and they can kill you if you ignore them. If you aren’t certain about tread and wear, stop and get them checked before you head out!

Last year I was on the road with two 16 year olds and the a/c in my car quit cooling. We were stuck on the interstate in Dallas and it was over 100 degrees. Talk about miserable! I’m not sure what was worse, the heat or the complaining. Have those Freon levels checked before you leave. Trust me!

Once you know your vehicle is in great shape, time to shine it up. (If you are like me, when you get back home you will be exhausted and need it cleaned again). Not only does a clean vehicle look great, personalizing can add that final touch! Still not satisfied? Want more power? Get your engine revved up and hit the road in style!

Of course, there are lots of great things for “stay-cations” here Breckenridge. But, reality is we all travel for various reasons. Be safe when you do! Check out the list below of businesses that would love to help! – Carrie Holson, Executive Director

Roberts Tire & Auto (254) 559-5446

Big Country Muffler & Auto Repair (254) 246-1164

Breckenridge Auto & Engine Supply Inc. (254) 559-8241

Baxley Auto Lube (254) 559-2565

3C Auto Group LLC (254) 212-8124

Yoes Customs (254) 522-2054

Walmart (254) 559-6579

Gaylon’s Body Shop (254) 559-3232

Kel-Abby Collision Center (254) 559-4771

MLR Graphics (254) 559-1108