This weekend was so nice! It finally felt like SPRING!  My hubby worked on our garden area and I am ready to plant some veggies! I have a place prepped to add some rose bushes, and even thought of some ideas for yard art.

I love working outside, especially with Brian!  He’s always making me laugh; plus he can do the heavy lifting lol! It never fails though, I start one project, and then I start thinking of others.  It’s a wonder he will even come outside when I’m out there! I start naming things to do and he says, “We don’t have the stuff for that.” For me, that’s not a problem.  I know stores in Breckenridge that can fix that!  I’m like… “I’ll be right back!”  Soil! Plants! Décor! Equipment!  You can even rent a tiller! 

We were able to get so much done in only a few hours. Stop putting off those home improvement projects!  There’s no time like the present to plant those gorgeous flower beds you have always wanted, and to set out those beautiful accent pieces you’ve been wanting to buy. 

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