The Chamber office needs to hear from our members! WE NEED UPDATED EMAIL ADDRESSES! We have had several members say they aren’t getting vital information and discovering many are due to outdated/unused email addresses.  Please call or email Bo at and confirm we have the correct contact info!

Also, we need to hear from you regarding nominations for the 2020 Chamber Board! Being a Board Member, like many volunteer positions, is one of those positions where members often feel overworked and underpaid (we’ve all been there lol).  Yet, serving the community is such a rewarding experience.  Being actively involved in the Chamber can even open up great networking opportunities.  If you know someone who would be a great addition to the chamber team, please submit nominations to myself, or President Luke Grider.  The nominations committee will be meeting at 5pm Monday, September 23rd, so written or electronic suggestions must be received before that time.   

Speaking of volunteers reminds me of a story… My brother was inviting his friend to come with him to visit me this weekend. He told me, “I’m not sure if she’s gonna come”.  He proceeds to tell me his response was, “Ok, no big deal.”  My response was, “Women are needy. Even if we know something, we want to hear it anyways.  So, if you want her to go, you have to say that. No big deal sounds like you don’t care.” 

Isn’t this true with lots of things? Like telling volunteers, your board members, your staff, that they are wanted and appreciated? If a volunteer asked if you need help, don’t hesitate to tell them you want them involved.  Our responses often make us seem unattached, even when we don’t mean to be.  AND…even though they know you appreciate them, be sure to tell them. It’s always nice to hear it!