Stephens County Frontier Days and the City Centennial Celebration are just around the corner! Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th are lined up to be two full days of fun and entertainment.  Although this is my first year to participate, I can already feel the sense of community surrounding this event.

I understand in the past businesses have been encouraged to decorate “western style” for the festivities.  While I have heard some like the idea and others do not, I want to encourage you to put your best foot forward as you prepare for visitors.  If for you that means dressing up and decorating; or it simply means cleaning up around your business, keep in mind what it is like to be a consumer in another community and the things you look for. Dressing up and decorating create a unique, memorable environment. 

I also encourage you to stay open as much as possible over the weekend.  As a consumer I find it disappointing when I visit a new place only to find everything closed because it is the weekend.  Give visitors an opportunity to stop and see what you have to offer!

Let’s show our visitors some West Texas hospitality and have fun doing it!