As usual, my weekend went by way too quick! One minute it was 5 o’clock Friday and then POOF! Monday morning! It was one of the first weekends we haven’t been out of town in a while. For Brian, that meant doing a little yard work and unwinding. For me it meant, “let’s repaint the kitchen & living room ceiling”. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it’s done. I can’t move my neck…but it’s done.

Isn’t it funny how unwinding is so different for all of us? I admit I’m pretty OCD about things being clean. Cleaning soothes me. Maybe it’s the overwhelming smell of Windex knocking him down, but Brian always knows when I am stressed LOL. I make no apologies that I get immense gratification out of my microwave glistening. Brian tells me all the time he loves me, yet when I am in crazy cleaning mode, he tells me I am weird. Don’t get me wrong, Brian likes a clean house as much as I do, but he’s so much better at not stressing out over fingerprints on the fridge.

What do you do to unwind? What’s your go-to? Recognizing what soothes you creates a peaceful state of mind. When we are internally at peace, it will reflect externally. Find your go-to this week. Take time for yourself. Read a book, turn your music up on the way to work, do whatever it takes to get in YOUR ZONE and make it a great week!