Do you feel like your business gets bombarded with donation request? Do you sometimes wonder if you should donate? Or how donating affects your business?  Believe me when I say…. Donations to the community that you do business in DO come back to your business! 

In a recent article, Business Coach Adam Landriault shares, “Charitable giving can act as a very effective marketing tool for businesses who are looking to build their reputation and gain market share. When a company sponsors or donates to an event that is in line with their vision, it can have a very positive impact on their networking and brand awareness. One of my clients who opened a gym last year struggled to gain any traction in the industry until they decided to sponsor a local event aimed at fitness and healthy lifestyles. The sponsorship was no more than a nominal fee to have their signs displayed and a donation of some personal training sessions and memberships which were auctioned off. This generated many people inquiring about the business which has since grown to a point where they are hiring more staff and planning a second location by next year.” 

Still not convinced???

Thrive Global Magazine recognizes the following benefits:
▪ Positive image in the market: A business will attract a lot of positive comments from the external entities once it becomes charitable. Consequently, a relation of good-will will be built and the community will look forward to maintaining permanent relations with it.
▪ Better networking opportunities: Being charitable will provide a positive image to a business. This will further help businesses to gain a better clientele and work ahead of their competitors.
▪ Content Employees: A charitable business develops a sense of pride within its employees which motivates them to work better.
▪ Better Branding: Due to its contribution towards the community, a business will become influential in the community. Hence, bigger and better opportunities will make their way towards it.
▪ More Profits: Such factors will contribute towards more profit gaining for the business.

As the Chamber, we ask our members for donations several times a year. Sometimes, businesses are simply not financially able to give.  We understand this completely! We are always grateful for the contributions we receive.  In the upcoming weeks, requests will be made for the annual banquet. Please know, that while the donations help raise money for the Chamber to do our job, we want to see your donations benefit you as well! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the “donation” side, we forget the bigger picture.  We overlook the opportunity to recognize and showcase your business and what you have to offer. We hope to utilize this, and other contribution opportunities, to have your business be the topic of discussion! As always, thank you for supporting the Breckenridge Community!