I have struggled writing this and in finding the right words to express to others what is on my mind.  Most of us realize, COVID-19 is impacting our communities.  It is impacting our small businesses, and in many cases will have long-term effects.  Many businesses are so worried, they already seeing the beginning of COVID-19 as an end.  This saddens me.

Believe me, I KNOW that for small businesses this is HARD! This is hard for ALL businesses.  However, I see people who work with the Economic Development Board watching webinars on how to help; visiting with state agencies; board members of the Chamber and EDC calling one another with ideas and developing plans for assistance; all working to help local businesses.

Before you stop reading, this is not a post about praising these people (although they do work hard and deserve recognition).  This is a post about THERE ARE RESOURCES, and programs, and trained people, that can help businesses.

No one (personally or professionally) wants to admit financial hardships.  I want our business owners to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The EDC, the Chamber, Workforce Solutions, SBA… they share a common goal…helping businesses!

This is not a time for pride to stand in the way.  PLEASE utilize the resources as they become available! Please be in contact with local and state agencies who can help you during this difficult time. 

Most of all, let’s support one another, share resources, and when this is over be able to still see the lights burning in our local businesses!  -Carrie Holson, Executive Director