Slow Times

Do you ever feel like your business gets in a slump?  For many, that’s the end of January or February when the weather is bad and no one wants to go out. But regardless of when your slow time is, it’s never a good time for the small business owner, no matter how predictable.

Augusta Greater Chamber compiled a list of 30 helpful ideas to increase sales during your traditionally slow times.

  1. Host a customer appreciation event or open house. Market it heavily.
  2. Offer a publicized giveaway or special purchase that is so good it will bring people in.
  3. Use social media to create targeted ads to your ideal customers.
  4. Offer a class at your location.
  5. Revamp your website.
  6. Concentrate on improving your SEO (search engine optimization). There are tons of tips on the internet on how to do this even if you’re not an SEO expert.
  7. Work on your Google My Business listing.
  8. Experiment with using AdWords more heavily.
  9. Partner with another business to provide referrals to one another.
  10. Work with your chamber or Main Street Association to create an event that will bring foot traffic to your area.
  11. Join your chamber of commerce and attend networking events, become a sponsor or volunteer.
  12. Contact organizations that your ideal customer is a member of.
  13. Sponsor a local ball team or PTA.
  14. Take out an ad in a sports, festival, play, or graduation program.
  15. Get out of the office/business and talk to people. Hand out brochures, coupons, or business cards with samples.
  16. Speak in front of a group about a topic you’re an expert in.
  17. Start a blog or, if you already have one, look for opportunities to guest blog on blogs that appeal to your ideal audience. Do the same for podcasts.
  18. Reconnect with former clients and customers to see if their needs have changed. Offer them an incentive to come back.
  19. Send a special customer appreciation email to your customers. Offer them something to make an additional purchase or to upgrade by a certain time.
  20. Run a social media contest.
  21. Start a newsletter.
  22. Start an email nurturing campaign and reach out to customers periodically with something they could use.
  23. Request reviews from past customers on popular review sites and publish excerpts on your website.
  24. Poll customers to find out what they most want or need help with.
  25. Consider a new product line or service. Do the research when it’s slow.
  26. Get to know your neighbor businesses and who their ideal customers are. If you know someone is in the market for something they offer, make the referral or introduction. Business Karma is a powerful thing and you have to give to get.
  27. Connect with top employers in your area to find out how you may be of service to their employees. The company may give Christmas gift certificates and your business could get on that list or they may have a direct need for your business.
  28. Think of the time of year that’s slowest and create an event or content around it. For instance, if spring break falls during your slow time think about how you might market to spring breakers. What do you have that might be appealing to people visiting or people going on spring break and leaving your area? Things like a spring break checklist or ads targeted at this group are very effective. Recognize a need and fill it.
  29. Unveil something. Whether it’s a secret recipe, a secret to success, or some other thing people would be interested in, making a big dramatic impression can get a lot of people talking about you.
  30. Create a special one-day or flash sale that is only marketed over social media. Make it a bit of a secret entry idea (like the old speakeasies, but not illegal). That will give people reason to talk about it

Be proactive in minimizing the slow time in your business. You’ll be more successful and less stressed! -Carrie Holson, Executive Director


Are you okay being told “No”?  Most of us aren’t fond of the word, but I would rather be told, “No” than “Yes” when the answer really is no. 

Have you ever had a service tech tell you they can get to your problem when the truth was they didn’t have time for you, and really could not get to you?  You don’t call anyone else…you wait for a call back…and you wait some more…for a call that never comes.

If you own a business, whether it be cutting hair, photography, service tech, boutique or whatever… I CAN NOT stress this enough…. RESPOND to your clients!!!!!!!! It doesn’t have to be immediate, but within the day, RESPOND!  Even if your answer is no, don’t leave customers hanging.  Be honest and offer an alternative.  We all know how frustrating it is when we just need to know if something is a “go” or not. 

I understand sometimes, there are factors involved, maybe it depends on how long other calls will take, etc., but it’s okay to tell clients that up front.  Set realistic expectations.  Your customers will respect your honesty in the long run.  

Make them Bloom

I ran out to the Walker Sayle Unit this morning to meet the new warden. On my way out I was admiring the beautiful lilies along the sidewalk.  I have to admit, I got a little jealous because mine don’t look nearly that good. They were bloomed so full and colorful and they made me smile.

I was still thinking about them as I drove back to the office. I thought, I know why they are prettier than mine… they are cared for more. They are nurtured and watered and shown love.  Mine would be the same if I invest in them more. 

Isn’t this the same as with our employees? If we care for them and invest in them, they too bloom.  If we ignore their needs, or step on them, they wither and are unproductive. Of course, people, like flowers, go through a blooming process. Once a seed of hope is planted, we don’t see results overnight.  It takes both time and patience.  Be patient with employees and give them time to show their beauty.

Not to be a “downer” but, I also think that one ugly plant can take away from the overall appeal of a flower garden.  If someone walks in your business and an employee doesn’t make them smile, it can make your business less appealing.  Remember, having a striving business (just like a beautiful garden) takes work. Help your employees bloom, and watch your business grow!  

Summer Memories

Congratulations parents!  You survived the first full week of the kids being out of school. I’m sure no one has heard “I’m bored” yet. HA! HA! Entertaining kids through the summer can be a challenge.  But, the Breckenridge Aquatic Center can help!

What better way to beat the heat than by diving into some cool water? Some of my favorite childhood memories involve the water. My grandparents would load us all up and we would spend the day at the creek. My Maw-maw always made the best picnic lunches! Why did her peanut butter taste better than what my mom had at home, lol? Everyone always laughed at me about “the water making me hungry”. It was true. If you took me to the lake, the pool, or near any water, be prepared to feed me.  I’m serious! The water made me hungry!

Isn’t it fun reminiscing over those summer memories? What about your kids and grandkids? Will they be able to do the same?  Grandparents!!! Pack up the grands and plenty of snacks and go spend the day at the pool! I know it’s hot, but it’s harder to notice the heat when you are watching those beaming little faces bobbling around.  Make some memories for your grandkids to share. Parents, it’s easy to get bogged down. Take a few hours off and unwind with the kiddos!

The swimming pool is open Tuesday- Saturday 1pm-4pm and 4:30pm-7:30pm; Sunday 2pm-6pm; and closed on Monday.  It’s only $2.50 per person for each swim session and 3 years and under are free.  

For more information about the Breckenridge Aquatic Center, to rent the pool, enroll in water aerobics, or schedule swim lessons, call the city offices at (254)559-8287. Check out the tips below to help keep your family safe in the water and go have some fun at the Aquatics Center!


  • Enroll children in swimming lessons.
  • Keep children under 10 years of age within arms-reach of you at all time.
  • Never allow children to swim alone.
  • No diving in less than 13 feet of water.
  • Always walk (do not run) when in an aquatic facility.
  • Only use USA coast guard approved life jackets that are properly fitted for the child’s weight and body size.
  • Do not allow children to ride on your back, do hand stand or any type of horseplay in swimming pools.
  • Use sunscreen, apply 30 minutes before being exposed to sun.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration before expose to a heated environment.


The 2020 CENSUS is just around the corner and it seems to always be such an issue in communities. WHY???? I don’t even know where to begin on this topic. 
First, let me say, I understand people think the government is in everything and people want privacy. 
I. GET. IT. But, please…hear me out! Participation in the Census can be a HUGE asset in a community. I worked in city government for 21 ½ years and have personally seen the Census help a small community. I have also seen the lack of participation and false reporting hurt communities.

Do you know what the Census is used for? I’m advocating because data is used to determine if a community qualifies for state and federal funding. When cities apply for grants such as a Texas Community Development Block Grant to do infrastructure projects (often to pave streets, or expand/repair water and wastewater systems) the state funds based on certain criteria. Certain demographics are favored and the population served has to qualify as 51% low-mod income. Now, this gets to be a problem. No one wants to fill out a form saying they are low income. Pride kicks in and people tend to exaggerate. PLEASE! Do not do this. I have seen streets full of potholes, in desperate need of repairs, have funding be denied because a low income area did not qualify. The information is confidential; answer honestly.

IT IS ONLY TEN QUESTIONS! 10! That’s it. Did you know answering those 10 questions also can help your school district? Schools receive funding based on population and demographics served as well. FILL IT OUT! You can even fill it out online! 
I know we are hit from all angles now days wanting information. I hate surveys. However, I love seeing my communities get funds for improvements. Funds are allocated and if we don’t get them, the next community will. It only takes a few minutes and could help bring funds to Breckenridge and Stephens County!
I could go on and on with examples, but instead, if you have questions…CALL ME! Be informed, and take part in the 2020 Census! 

It’s Almost Airshow Time…!

We’re only days away from the 2017 Breckenridge Airshow, and we can hardly wait!  We still have tickets available and a few VIP seats as well.  Time is running out, so get your tickets soon!  We look forward to seeing you there!!

Buy Tickets to the Airshow


BISD STUDENTS will be provided a FREE ticket for Sunday, May 28th

Pricing is as follows:

Weekend Pass: $25.00 (Sat & Sunday)

Daily General Admission (12 and up) $15.00

Family Pass: 2 Adults (12 and up) & up to 4 Kids (6-11) $40.00 (one day only)

Kids FREE Saturday, May 27th

VIP Admission $100.00 (online) $125.00 (gate)

VIP Admission includes: large shaded hangar area with table seating and air conditional restrooms at crowd center. Free ear plugs, catered lunch, cold sodas and water provided. Includes Official Airshow t-shirt, program and poster with each VIP ticket.

Photo Pit Pass & Sunrise Photo Pass info on link

Think, Shop, Buy, Local

Think, Shop, Buy, Local and commit to patronizing businesses near where you live and work. Local stores employ your neighbors, pay taxes that support your schools and improve your roads, and contribute to local non-profit groups.

Together we can strengthen relationships that improve our quality of life.

So next time before you make a purchase, Think, Shop, Buy, Local.